New head location to host my
work/portfolio and visual blog.




After muckin' around with the fucked spool.. 
I was able to mix up some chemicals and get shakin'
Everything else is easy;
but putting the film in the spool was by far the worst experience.

Managed to get it up to dry in the bathroom.. 
No dust! to my surprise.
The Canoscan 8600F is impressing me so far!
Good Scans as of now, and I'm yet to play around with the features .. 
Ended up using the VueScan 3rd Party software.

Develop. Recipe,:

Camera: Mamiya RB67 OG + 127mm K/L
Film: Ilford HP5+400
Developer: Ilfosol 3
Fixer: Ilford Rapid Fixer

20C/68F @ 6.75 - 7 Mins (1:9 Developer of 500ml
30"- 1 Min Water Stop - Plain "Cold" Arizona Tap.. 
5.5 Mins (1:4 Fixer of 500ml)
3 Min Rinse - Cold Tap
45" Dishwasher Soap Wetting Agent Rinse (One Drop in 600ml+)

Didn't take as long to dry as the internet swore.. 
Originals came out with much Grey / Black data, I'm pleased.
I'm a real fan of how easy 120/220 is to scan on the flatbed.

I'll stick to this formula on for HP5+400
Now I aim for consistency on the other three..
Those of which consist of Yosemite Park and the whole Cali escapade.
The Color (C-41) stuff I'll take to the shop.. .

Two Exposures:

Forgot I captured an exposure on this test roll in LA.. 
Paul snuck his way onto this frame.. 
Ty's soon to be Land-Speed blister in the back.


Chemicals and a Scanner.
Let see how all this, "Meter-Less" shooting turned out.


Still on the trip.. Been about 7 days now.
Done with SF and Yosemite.
Mountain Guardian allotted us safe passage.

Don't think 
I've ever hiked that much..
About 10 mi. total, 6 of which were at a pretty steep climb.
Yosemite is a beautiful place. 

We're in LA now.. 
Time to get to work.




A post finally, damn you!
 Life's been go0d. Busy.
The (3) bikes I've been bouncing from are all almost done.
New tools and toys are falling out of the sky it seems, and I can not complain!
Took a trip to the ol' oasis to look for some bits for a few tanks I picked up.

Fucking 105 degrees out with little to no moisture.. .
A perfect day for digging!

It got to a point where i was about to giveup looking for the Tank/Cap latch
for a small CB350 tank.. And saw one finally on the way out. Ofcourse ontop of this mountain
for tanks. The project for that day turned from Mock-Up to finding out how to get the damn tank down.. 

Success non the less.

Stopped by Jim's on the way home to check out the progress on his builds..
Bastard got lucky and traded his dirt-bike for that little Iron Head to the left.. .
Lucky. Just as lucky as Horse's green thumb..
Green thimble.. .
His flowers are looking pungent as ever!
Golden light for Golden Kush.. 


In other news.
Saturday the 22nd, of June, marks the first day of another great Journey.
It's been a while since me and the homies have traveled, so, we're taking a light excursion up to SF Bay
Then back down to Yosemite for a few days after. . .
Once we leave there we'll stop by old P-Brains in LA and hang there for a bit till we
make our way back to the hell flame of Oops, Arizona.

And Right in time for the trip I land this trick.. 
Mamiya RB67.
Got the body from my buddy and the 127mm K/L
(Brand New) mind you.. . of eBay for a steal.
This will be my first dive into the world of  Large Formats..
Respectively Medium-Format @ 6x7

I plan on getting to be one with this one.
Haven't had a camera as close to my heart as my late Canon F1(n) 35mm.

Expect a wave of photos this year.. .
I back on it, with the intent to process my own.

See you in JULY! 


Mmm.. Home sweet home here.
My corner of the shop.

This guy found his way into the shop..
I think it was a Grand Cherokee at one point in dar lifeeeee. 


Any who.. .
Finally finished up this set of pipes.
I've tried my luck at welding thin material, aint happnin'.
Plasma'd my way through the first weld and gave it to Ty do proper.
And proper good, he done.

They look go0d on the bike.
Time to button up the second build and get cracking on the third.
I feel like riding again. 



Heavy Tremolo. 

Has been one, if not the main influence ..


Motivated to wrench.
Headin' to the metal supply to get a new gas regulator.
Need to get the bikes finished.
Hopefully i dont steer to far away from the Storyboard and Camera..
I feel another one of those 'phases' comin'. 


Started work over at XMF on Monday..
Been running the CNC Mill and Water Lathe
First project were these bracket/clamps.

Started as these cuts of stock.

Toss em' in the lathe to be bored to size and edges debured.


Gets cut into halves, drilled  and threads tapped, in the Mill.


Buttoned up and then ready to go.
Soakin' in a lot of knowledge.. 
Time to make Handlebars / Mounts for the hogs..


Try or don't try, friends..
The world was never meant to be easy.